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Yoga Psychology Consultations & Therapy & Professional Development


Yoga Psychology Consultations and Therapy are private, personalized and individual or small group sessions to help clients respond to life challenges, improve  psychosocial and emotional functioning, social and relational challenges, lifestyle and health concerns.   Consultations and Therapy infuse everyday living with Yoga teachings, philosophy and lifestyles education to restore a sense of balance & well-being.  Consultations serve to deepen and personalize the concepts of yoga into a living practice, discuss personal growth and/or practice issues, or, explore various life issues and receive guidance from the view of reality-based spirituality.   We experience different obstacles and challenges throughout our lives that often feel like struggles.  We sometimes experience conflict, uncertainty or fear in our relationships, with our children or parents, sometimes with sex, while serving others, frequently in our jobs or callings and even with health issues and choices. 

We forget the true essence of our spirit and we feel disconnected and alone.  Our inner journey is about gently turning over the stones of our own lives.  Our journey is not about making ourselves into “better” people, but remembering our inherent goodness and inviting our Self to be the loving, knowing & compassionate person that it already is.  When we begin to truly live and be present in the moment, changes begin to occur that may be wonderful, exciting, confusing and sometimes scary.  What we believe about ourselves, what we want & what we want our life to look like may begin to change as we return to our natural essence. 

Yoga is much more than asanas or poses.  Yoga is about living a joy filled life in the midst of the everyday “stuff” and ordinary happenings.   Yoga brings to light issues of faith, belonging, what’s important, being true to ourselves and remembering & honoring the essence of our own spirit. Yoga is about standing in the light while we sometimes gently explore the dark.  Yoga provides us with the tools to open our heart and live the dance of our own life in a more joyful,  love filled and courageous way.

Yoga Psychology Consultations & Therapy may incorporate breathwork, asana, talk, meditation, somatic awareness and experiencing, principles of Ayurveda, nutrition and mindfulness  and are open to anyone as a means of addressing present challenges and areas of concerns and/or exploring life areas of concern.  Regardless of whether you practice on the mat, are exploring your own inner journey, are looking to personalize yoga concepts into a living practice, or, are seeking guidance from a yoga perspective, the Consultations support you in finding the answers to the questions that you hold.

Supervision and Consultation for Yoga Teachers and other body workers is also available as a means of maintaining a consistent personal practice, ascertaining & responding to the needs of clients or students and further developing skills as a practicing professional in the field. 
Consultations are (60- 75) minute sessions in length with an investment of $125.  A sliding fee scale utilizing the Yoga tenet of honesty is also available to all individuals to accomodate personal financial circumstances. 

                                         Consultations are available at the following places by calling 708-297-5634 or the studio directly.om symbol
      YoUnique Yoga Center, Schererville, IN 219-864-3900
                                   •    Private Office, Crete, IL, 708-297-5634 or Catherine@JoyfulJivaYoga.org