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 Yoga To Transform Trauma   

 Trauma has many faces and touches thousands of our lives in the form of childhood abuse, neglect, domestic violence, motor vehicle accidents, suicide, experiences of war, sexual assault & trafficking, life threatening illnesses, neighborhood violence, neglect, poverty, immigration struggles, racism, experiences of war, interpersonal violence or vicarious exposure through the experiences of friends and loved ones.  The effects can turn our world upside down sometimes leading to lifelong struggles.  Many individuals with a trauma background would like to explore or already practice Yoga which often comes with its’ own unique challenges.  Trauma separates us from ourselves, our bodies and others.  The wisdom and practice of Yoga has the transformative ability to re-connect us to ourselves, our bodies and the world around us.  Yoga to Transform Trauma was created to provide a time and space so that people everywhere could begin to use their bodies to comfortably move more, feel more and to access hopeful healing when thinking and words fall short. 
Yoga to Transform Trauma, founded and directed by Catherine Ashton, is a grass roots program combining the ancient benefits of Yoga with the contemporary knowledge of Trauma Recovery to provide a rich and powerful framework for wellness.  Yoga to Transform Trauma is designed as a community organizing foundation with (4) platform branches:  Teacher & Leadership Training & Intensive, Trauma Informed Yoga & Circles of Hope Classes, the Community Outreach Program and The Partners, Places & Peace Program.   

Mission Statement  - To integrate Yoga & Meditation with Trauma Recovery to provide a holistic cognitive and somatic treatment approach for individuals directly impacted by trauma, as well as those that live, love and work with them.
For more information about the program, Leadership Training dates, classes or just to be curious, please visit our website at www.YogaToTransformTrauma.org or find us on Facebook and "Like" what you see.